Engineering Services plays a big role within the day-to-day operations at CLB as all projects begin back at the office under the direction of an Engineer and the Design Team.  CLB routinely provides Engineering Services within the fields of Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering encompasses a wide range of engineering services from land development, transportation facilities, drainage facilities to surveying support of those efforts. It is practically impossible to move about in society without benefitting from facilities that has been planned, designed and constructed by the watchful eye of a Civil Engineer.

Structual Engineering

Structural Engineering is one of the more self-describing fields within the engineering profession as it deals with the analysis, design and construction of various structural systems. Most commonly, CLB Engineers is routinely involved with projects consisting of foundations, steel and timber framing and concrete structures.

Environmental Engineering

Environmental Engineering can imply several different meanings depending on the field of service.  At CLB, Environmental Engineering consists of the routine analysis, planning, design and construction of all facilities pertaining to water treatment and distribution, wastewater treatment and collection and various permitting issues enforced by local, state and federal environmental agencies.

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